The seabeds of Sainte Marie offer wonderful corals and in spite of the progressive global warming of the waters, you can find a lot of places for both snorkeling and diving. Right near the two wreckages lying not far from Sahasifotra.

La Crique

01-Pesce-chirurgo-BCoco Bay: diving on a caved-in granite rock at a maximum depth of 25 m., easy level for everyone. Fauna: orange and pink sea-fans, deep-sea fish (barracuda, carangido and little tuna), surgeon fish, patax, corvina, turtles, black coral.

Grouper Wall: diving on a granite wall that goes down to a depth of 40 m., quite demanding, suggested for divers with experience. Possibility of current. It is possible to see 40 kg groupers, barracudas, carangidi, coral fish. 

Le Cocoteraie

diving at a depth of 15 m. to discover a 55 m. long fishing boat, which is full of flora and fauna, which we can go into. Easy dive and accessible to everybody. Possibility to take beautiful photographs. Fauna: lobster, 200 kg. Groupers, carangidi, lion fish, alcionacei, big eyes.



Anivorano Rocks:
diving at a depth of 20 m., on granite rocks. Frequent current. It is possible to see napoleoni, groupers, corvine, barracudas, carangidi.

Alebrand Point:
very nice dive on the northern point of the island, at a depth of 20 m. on a sandy bed with granite rock. Fauna: sea eagles, groupers, stingrays, grey sharks, black fins, barracudas.

07-Squalo-Pinna-Nera 08-Aquila-di-mare

Le aux Nattes

09-Squalo-grigioThe Pagodas: diving at a depth of 12 m., easy and accessible to everybody, even the least experienced. It is possible to see stingrays, groupers, corvine, morays, lobster, turtles and numerous coral species, often found in shapes that resemble pagodas.

Sharks Pass: diving at a depth of maximum 8 m., carried out during high tide, often with strong undertow. It is possible to see deep fish (carangidi), grey sharks, giant groupers and coral fish.

Tow Boat Wreckage: diving at a depth of 12 m., not far from the reef, to discover the wreckage of a tow boat situated on the southern point of Ile aux Nattes. You can go inside the wreckage and admire the big propeller. Fauna: giant groupers (100 kg.), glass fish, corvine, dentex.

Ile aux Sable

10-Tartaruga-marinaSmall sandy island near the eastern coast, there are three diving points between 15 m. and 25 m. in depth.
Fauna: sea eagles, coral fish, carangidi, barracudas, tutles.

Leopard sharks wreckage
diving 6 miles far from the coast at a depth of 32 m. with a 10 m. long wreckage laying on the sandy seabeds. The dive is for experienced scuba divers with the possibility to see leopard sharks,  stingrays, groupers, carangidi and barracudas.